European Tektite Forum 2011

Brno, South Bohemia & Prague, Czech Republic

15-17 April 2011

This page is a gathering of edited photos from the European Tektite Forum 2011, encompassing the wonderful tektite collection of Milan Trnka, a Moldavite collecting trip where we also meet 'Black' [market] Miners and a trip to the National Museum in Prague.

ABOVE: Viewing Milan Trnka's collection in Brno.

ABOVE: Viewing Milan Trnka's collection. Milan has around 1000 boxes of tektites in 2 rooms (in case you were wondering, his security is very very good).

ABOVE: A fine collection of Besednice Moldavites.

ABOVE: A fine collection of Chlum Moldavites.


ABOVE LEFT: A fine dumbbell and a super super-rare spiral Moldavite. ABOVE RIGHT: A bi-colour Moldavite.

ABOVE LEFT: An arciform Moldavite that has split to become a stretch form - from Slavče. ABOVE RIGHT: Another stretch Moldavite - and there were at least a couple more very convincing stretch forms in the collection - see the slide shows below.

ABOVE: I personally love these Chinese teardrops - Milan had loads of examples - I only own 2 or 3 like this! We had some good discussions on formation mechanism.

ABOVE: The Field Trip attendees in České Budějovice, South Bohemia. L-R: Aubrey Whymark, Milan Trnka, Guido von Berg, Katharina R., Andreas Krauss, Nuria von Berg.

ABOVE: Moldavite hunting on the fields with some illegal mining in the foreground.

ABOVE: My best find of the day!


The event was hosted by Milan Trnka and colleagues and attended by Guido and Nuria von Berg, Andreas Krauss, Katharina R. and kids plus myself - Aubrey Whymark with wife, Tere Whymark, and kid, Atom Whymark. Time was at a premium, but we managed to do a spot of Moldavite collecting, view the 'Black' [market] miners operations, view Milan's large and exquisite collection, exchange some papers, photos and ideas and even find time for a couple of beers. A fantastic weekend which has made me think even harder about tektites.

Please find below the edited photographs I took. They are in a powerpoint presentation - you can enlarge and even download the presentation. Warning: Most file sizes are around 30-40 Mb, so if you have a slow connection it may not work!

ABOVE: Moldavite Field Trip, South Bohemia, 16 April 2011 - Part 1 of 2 (41.7 Mb). (Faces of miners blurred to protect identity).

   ABOVE: Moldavite Field Trip, South Bohemia, 16 April 2011 - Part 2 of 2 (15.8 Mb). (Faces of miners blurred to protect identity).

ABOVE: Milan Trnka's Collection Part 1 of 3. (36.3 Mb). Moldavites.

ABOVE: Milan Trnka's Collection Part 2 of 3. (26.3 Mb). Moldavites. Note that some images have been blurred. Milan intends to publish at a later date and would prefer to not share these images at this stage. Maybe in a year or two I'll bring you an unblurred version!

ABOVE: Milan Trnka's Collection Part 3 of 3. (37.9 Mb) Australasian and miscellaneous tektites.

ABOVE: Czech National Museum in Prague - Tektite Collection - Part 1 of 2. (29.4 Mb).

ABOVE: Czech National Museum in Prague - Meteorite Collection - Part 2 of 2. (31.6 Mb).


I hope to provide totally uncensored photos with Milan's permission in the future. In the meantime we wait with anticipation to see his new publications!